Plastic Effluent Tanks

Image courtesy of
Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd.
Image courtesy of Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd.


Height - 0.55m    |    Width  - 2.4m    |    Length - 2.235m    |    Dry Weight  - 120 Kg

Height - 0.55m
Width  - 2.4m
Length - 2.235m
Dry Weight  - 120 Kg

We can supply a variety of different plastic tanks suitable for the storage of effluent from anything from construction sites to camp sites. These tanks can be used anywhere there is no mains sewerage connection. The tanks are very easy to plumb in and can be supplied with all the necessary fixings, they can also be interconnected for more capacity and emptied by one of our tankers as required. Our effluent tanks have many advantages over traditional steel tanks, including:

  • Low profile
  • Light weight
  • Stackable and linkable
  • Do not rust or corrode
  • Integrated handles/lifting points
  • Sealed access points to reduce odours
  • Permanent moulded safety signs

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